Help With CrossFireX Needed Please.


Sep 20, 2008
Hi all! just before I start, i'm a noob to crossfireX! I've had a 4870 for a lil while now and I couldn't resist getting another one, so I currently have x2 4870's connected to my p5k premium but I think i've missed something out somewhere down the line. I connected the 2 bridge connectors (not sure if there was a particular way these should be connected) and I've hooked my monitor cable to my master card (not sure if anything else is suppose to plug into these cards apart from each 2x 8 pin connectors which I have done).
I Got rid of my old catalyst driver and downloaded and installed the latest catalyst suit for my cards. After a reboot I have the crossfire tab showing up with the 2 options of configure and diagnostics, so I enabled crossfireX, clicked on identify GPU, I then got a large number 1 showing up on the center of my screen and then disappeared and that was that, the exact same happens when I Identify in diagnostics, yet nothing appears in the status setup dialog box. I dare say i'm suppose to get my cards showing up for the available combination.
I'm just hoping anyone can help me out on this, I've been trying to look up what it could be for a while now but I can't seem to pin point the issue if there is one.

Thanks very muchly in advance!


Jul 23, 2009

I'm having the exact same problem. Also I think my game performance is not what it should be.

If you figure it out let me know.