Jun 28, 2009
Please if someone out there has a Dell XPS 410 with black sides (not the white sides) I need a picture of it. A very strange thing happened to me. I brought my comp. in to be fixed and was told I needed a hard drive, fine what was I to do. I get my comp. back and the new hard drive it had all my docs. and pictures but I said the out side was not mine. I am checking to see if the guts our mine also. The service tag was mine. I was told I'm crazy and that is my comp. I'M TELLING YOU THE OUTSIDE OF THE COMP. IS NOT MINE. I have tried to find a picture of it on the internet and can't seem to find the one with the dark side. IF ANYONE CAN HELP IT WOULD BE A BLESSING.
Thank You for talking the time to read this.