Help With Gaming Desktop (Budget ~1500)

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Feb 23, 2012
Hi everyone, first time builder here.

I have some friends with much more experience that will help me with assembly and such, but I want to try and pick out all of the parts myself.

For now I guess I will just fill out the provided form and see what happens.

Approximate Purchase Date: ~5 Months for the Summer

Budget Range: Preferably below 1500 (not including peripherals or rebates) (estimated price drops are fine)
*EDIT* Not including Monitor(s) / keyboards / or mice)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming ...... everything else.

Parts Not Required: OS not required.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Preferred Amazon or New-Egg

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: Reliability

Overclocking: I would like to do so, if it wouldn't help at all though I wouldn't attempt it.

SLI or Crossfire: If it is in the budget.

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080. Would like 2 monitors if possible with the gpu.

Additional Comments: Would like to have room to update in the future. Would also appreciate in-depth comments with reasoning for any parts/decisions made.

What I am fairly confident I want -
CPU: Intel i5 2500k - overclocked if it would potentially be a bottleneck (or if it would be easy and safe to do).

BR Compatible optical drive. Not really concerned with specifics as long as it can play movies without huge delays / lag.

What I have been looking at in general:
Motherboard: ASUS P8P67 PRO (REV 3.1) - 180$ (This is in part due to the fact that it seems super friendly for overclocking).

Graphics Card: Various forms of an overclocked GTX 560 TI seem to be reccomended a lot. This is one area I would be very happy to spend more money on though (looking at closer to $300 or so)

Hard Drive: Any decent 1 TB drive. Most seem to be around $100-120

SSD: Any decent 60-90 GB drive. Most seem to be around $100.

Cooler for Overclocking to ~4.5ghz or so : Corsair seems highly recommended. One I have been looking at is
Corsair CWCH60

*EDIT* cooler master hyper 212 evo also seems to be a popular choice.

What I have some idea about:
RAM - 8gb of whatever works best for the build

What I have very little idea about:
Sound Card

I really appreciate any and all answers or comments on this!

(Also don't feel compelled to spend up to 1500 if the cost to value ratio really begins to tank)


Feb 23, 2012
Thanks for the reply! Would what you suggested work with multiple monitors? (I should have mentioned that i didn't want to include the monitor / keyboard/ mouse in the total cost either).

I am also curious about future graphic cards, such as the

AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB:

- 22 Compute Units
- 1408 cores (Stream Processors)
- 88 Texture Units; 83.6 GTexel/s
- 24 Color ROP Units; 22.8 GPixel/s
- 2GB GDDR5 Memory; 171.88GB/s
- 950MHz GPU Core
- 1375 MHz QDR GDDR5 clock (5.5GHz "effective")

which apparently is coming out soon and will be around 300.


Jan 16, 2012
I'd say if you really want to wait for future graphics id wait for nvidia's platform.

they're higher end stuff is supposed to be a lot faster then amd's but they'll also be running more expensive unfortunately.. full info on that here if you want to check it out: but if you do want to buy a 7870 then id suggest waiting for ivy bridge as well and getting that cpu instead of the i5 2500k because there is no reason to buy a pci express 3.0 card for now until there is a cpu that supports pcie 3 which will be ivy bridge and its supposed to be just right around the corner around march or beginning of april :)


here's a $1650 rig-
this is absolutely worth extra $150(you wrote you could spend for something really nice).highlights-
good looking and high air flow case.
caviar black 1tb for $130!!!
good monitor with 2ms response time.
xfx is a very reliable brand.750w is enough for CFX.
you don't need $200 gear for gaming.try a little cheaper thing
low profile ram eliminates clearance issues
good mobo with pci-e 3 for future upgrades
best bang for the buck cpu.
good cooler gets high ratings
fast,reliable and cheap SSD
7950 is a newer tech.28nm,3gb and other features blows every gtx 5xx cards(not 590).it consumes less power,overclocks like a beast and runs cooler.this is where you need to use your money.believe me you won't be disappointed with it's performance.have fun ;)

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