Question Help with hardwired PC connection that are slower than Wifi connections(Spectrum ISP)

Apr 28, 2021
So I built a new PC about 3 months ago and been having the problem where I would get 140 mbps max on my PC(hardwired). On my phone and laptops I would get 250-400 mbps(wireless).
I went so far as to troubleshooting hardware to just replacing them all and replacing cables as well. I was about to put my head through the wall. Today I just got really dedicated to find a fix and looking everywhere getting update drivers, change this setting, etc. My LAN adapter is a Intel Ethernet Cont. I225-V(hopefully this will help someone). What I did to achieve my 400+ mbps again wasn't mentioned anywhere that I could find. Instead of installing a new updated driver I ended up having to Roll Back Driver in the adapter properties in Device Manger under the Driver tab. This immediately changed my speeds on 120 mbps to onward up to the speeds I should have. No longer have to patch up walls and bandage my head. Hope this might help someone out because I found a lot of posts on here with people having the same problem. Good day!
There have been all kinds of issues with the 2.5g ethernet chipsets. Unfortantly it isn't even just one problem. They have different hardware revisions some of which can only partially be fixed with drivers, the change the hardware in later versions. Finding which driver works seems to be very much trial and error.