Help With I5 6500 3.2Ghz on constant 100% load whilst gaming, stutters/crashes

Feb 3, 2019
Paired with RTX 2070 thats factory OC'd, 16gb ddr4 ram.

I know this is probably a case of bottlenecking as the GPU is quite the beast compared to an i5 6500. But before I go ahead an buy a new CPU, I need to know if changing resolution of my monitor would be a solution? Currently at 1080p and only getting around 70-80fps when should be over 100fps on titles like the Division and Anthem on ultra at only 1080p with a rtx 2070 OC. ALL AAA games the GPU runs around 50-70% usage when it should be higher, and CPU is locked at 100% all the time. Gears of war 4 doesn't even run, soon as I try go into menu the CPU jumps to 100% and the games just crashes.

My motherboard is a MSI b150m which only supports 6th gen intel up to i7 (i think). Which means highest i could go is a i7 6700 or something. Cant even get a K cpu. simply things for you, with the info i've just given....

Do I get:

1. New CPU + Motherboard, if so, which ones?
2.New monitor (1440p)
3. Upgrade nothing, the problem is elsewhere


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