Help with land-line alternatives for my unique situation


Jun 7, 2009
I just started a new job in which I can work from home 3 days per week, but it requires that I am available on the phone for several hours per day. The way it works is that calls made to my office will be forwarded to a number that I give.

Unfortunately, I only have a mobile phone with 300 anytime minutes. I don't want to switch to unlimited talk on T-Mobile because I'm grandfathered into a ridiculous data plan that will get removed if I change my services.

The obvious remedy here is something like the Obi100 (Obihai VoIP adapter) with Google Voice, but there are no local Voice area codes, and will cause the forwarded calls to be long distance (not an option). I'm also worried about delay/latency/switching I've heard with services like MagicJack because many of the calls will be conference calls.

Does anyone have any advice, suggestions, or tricks that can avoid me paying $35/mo for digital phone service from CenturyLink? I have a 40Mbps DSL connection and unlimited minutes for 5 numbers of my choosing (old school T-Mobile myFaves). I was thinking maybe there was a way I could forward calls from the office to my cell and then forward those to a Google Voice number that I've added to myFaves? Not sure if that chain will work how I'm imagining.

Thanks in advance,