Help with laptop display


Aug 20, 2011
Hi, Recently My laptop screen started going black when trying to boot. This started when I left my laptop on carpeted floor while running. After I left it on the floor for 10 min I noticed the screen was black but was still running. It would never fully boot up. So I reset it to factory defaults, reformatting the hard drive, and reinstalling windows.

Now it just won't boot every once in a while, and goes black randomly. Sometimes the screen even turns a different color, thus making me have to reboot the computer. And when I try to play High-end games the screen goes black. It was always able to play High-end games before.

And Yes, I've even tried hooking it up to an external display, and it was with an HDMI cable, but still the same results. I even reinstalled my video card drivers, which is an Nvidia 8800M GTS, but nothing was fixed.

Could someone help shed some light on what the problem might be, and if there might be a solution to this?

Thanx alot.