Question Help with laptop not running as well

Dec 15, 2019
Ok, Right down to the point, My PC is an ROG GL752VW Signature Edition (so you can find all the specs [128 SSD/ 1TB / 4GB NVidia 960M version]).

The current issue happening is that games that are pretty demanding or relatively ok (meaning i should be able to run them at low settings) are not being able to be ran even at abysmal settings. Examples can range from minecraft, overwatch, destiny 2, cs:go, enter the gungeon. Anything that is relatively 3d or has intense lighting my PC has trouble with. Even though I have looked through the internet and found people with the same specs or similar sending me videos of them running their games perfectly well in mid to high settings.

Even my friends that have older systems can compete way beyond what mine is capable of when running the same game at the same settings. I Have some suspicion it is thermal throttling since its around 80-ish and probably in intense games it reaches higher, but I don't know how to go about putting thermal paste or the liquid metal that goes between the gpu's and the radiator. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I will be on watch for any replies.

Edit: I found that in Nvidia control panel it was running on optimal power and switched it to performance, it was slightly better but not by a huge margin, still got drops. And i will describe more profoundly that when i start a game its mostly fine but after a while it gets worse and worse, and sometimes when i alt+tab or pause the game it seems to come back to life for a bit and then goes to crap again
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