Question Help with Minidumps/BSODs ?

Jan 29, 2023
I built a PC about 4 months ago. I've had a BSOD about twice a week to this day, sometimes more/less often. Sometimes the screen freezes before the BSOD, often it goes straight to the bluescreen. I've tried a lot of different things to fix it, at this point the issue can only be one of these: some device/program driver, motherboard, CPU or PSU. I haven't had anyone to look at the Minidumps yet, there are five of them from this Windows installation. Thanks to anyone for help.


PC Specs:
Gigabyte z390m (newest BIOS)
1080 Strix (Swapped, not the problem)
2 x 8GB Kingston (Swapped, not the problem)
240GB SSD (Swapped, not the problem)
Fractal Ion Gold 650W PSU (New, unlikely the problem)
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