Question Help with MSI H170A Gaming Pro

Feb 19, 2020
Hello All

Sorry to bother, but probably you guys can help me. I decided to purchase a new motherboard for my old PC (needed more SATA interfaces).

I have a i3 and a 970gtx sc evga (old one - but more than enough for what i need).

So - did the install with all the itens. Everything is connected, and, on the first try - everything worked ok. However, after i moved it to the correct location (shutdown correctly) - on the second start - it did not start.

After reconnecting everything - the cpu fan spins and all the lights of the motherboard came alive.... And that's it.
I removed the gpu and connect the hdmi cable - and nothing.
Left only the ssd disk - and nothing.
Removed one DIMM of memory - and nothing...
Changed the power supply - and nothing.
Removed the gpu..... - and nothing. (BTW - reconnect the gpu and does not spin....)

So - with this in mind - any ideas of where the problem is??

Thanks in advance
Altough it starts and all the lights appears on the motherboard and the cpu fan starts - there is no graphic at all.

Filipe Alves