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Oct 6, 2014

I have two connections and an OK PC (Ryzen 5900x, 1080Ti, 32 GB DDR4 3600).

MBO has two LAN ports.

  1. I have ADSL - great ping, awful speed (20 mbps dl, 0,8 ul). That's my gaming connection.
  2. I have 4G router with unlimited data plan, @ ~ 60 mbps upload speed. Pings is awfull in games, but upload bandwidth good.
Is there a way I force either nVidia Shadowplay or OSB to brodacast using connection 2, while my PC uses connection 1 for gaming?

Any suggestions? Thank you!!
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Yes but it tends to be messy. You can actually do it with just 1 ethernet port. If you use 2 ports make sure that the 2 networks are different.

It is slightly simpler to use 1 ethernet. What you would be is leave say your ADSL router run like normal. Then on the 4G router assign a lan ip like (assuming the main router is Turn off the DHCP in the 4G router. Plug a cable between the lan ports on the 2 routers.

So now the messy part. You must get a list of IP addresses you want to 4G router. This can be hard sometime if the change. Even though you are not going to use the 4G for games the problem would be you have to get a full list of all the game servers you might use. This is very hard when some of the games are peer to peer.

But lets assume you get this list of IP addresses.

You now use the ROUTE command and do

ROUTE ADD x.x.x.x mask

This forces the traffic for that IP to use the other router. If you do a ROUTE PRINT command you will see the default router going to your main router IP.

If you use 2 ethernet ports you will likely have 2 default routes and you must delete the one going to the 4G
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Another way to do this which is more common is to use a multi-wan router that can set up these preferences in the router settings. You will still need the list of IP addresses to guide the traffic to one connection or another, but instead of the route print command to manipulate traffic, you use the web ui of the router.