Question Help with multiple issues


Jan 26, 2014
Afternoon all.

Lately I have experienced issues with my PC. Firstly is that it wont fully shutdown. I have turned off high performance power mode and and all its wake settings. When I power it down the system turns off but the mobo lighting stays on. Secondly when attempting to boot, both before failure to shutdown and properly shutsdown, the pc will turn on but will not put picture onto monitor's or turn keyboard and mouse on. Just the pc runs. On a minor note the GPU is running hot on idle and fans are running overtime to cool it (not overclocked) any ideas?

System specs:

Gtx 980ti
16 GB. G skill trident
Aorus gaming 5 mobo
Corsair RM 850 80 plus gold- roughly 2 years old, condition is fine. No abnormal noise or issues.
Cooler master evo CPU cooler
Samsung 500 GB ssd-windows 10
2x- WD 1 tb hdd
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