Help with my c2q q6600 temps

Dec 27, 2018
Hello, I have a serious problem. I had a dual core e6600 with a stock and all good. Buy a core 2 quad q6600, apply paste, put everything well, but in iddle I get to mark up to 70º. It's the G0 version. In charge it reaches 100º, therefore it is useless to use it like this. All that with the same intel stock fan. I live in Venezuela, they will understand why I should use so old pieces and the 775 socket. I thought about changing that stock for a master cooler (I think it is standard too) but reading in other places, they told me that it would not do much, because the c2q they warmed up, that's where my doubt comes in, because I've also read that it should have few temperatures. So, I looked to see if I bought this: Thermaltake Big Typhoon cl-p0114, as an alternative. It will work? Does the faulty processor or defective process cause high temperatures? I was going to buy it from an acquaintance, he clarified that it did not have much use, not even for gaming.

Stock intel:
Cooler master i thought will work fine:

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