Aug 16, 2007
Alright im having trouble deciding between a few motherboards. I need a board that is good for ocing Q6600 and performs well. Take your pick. EVGA 680i A1, ASUS P5K deluxe, ASUS P5N32-E SLI 680i. Please give me a reason why. Thanks.
You have included P5K which means you don't need SLI. That eliminates the eVGA 680i A1 and the P5N32-E - no good reason to buy a 680i mobo these days if you don't need SLI.

The P5K is good, but the GA-P35-DS3R costs less and consumes less.

I'd look at P5K, GA-P35-DS3R, or aBit IP35Pro. Plenty of reviews out there, read a few and decide.