Question Help with new pc - random freezing

Feb 22, 2019
Hi, i built a new pc for myself this last january.
proc - i3-8100
mobo- asus h310m tuf plus br
ram - 2x4gb ddr4 2400mhz samsung smart
ssd - crucial 120gb
vga - MSI rx580 8gb oc
psu - coolermaster 750W 80 plus bronze

So, im not new a computer building and i work with IT at my free time for the last 10 years at least.
The computer started having random freezing, in wich you could hear the audio having heavy lags. Nothing was unusual on stress tests.
I did some research, tried to use Whocrashed and windows event viewer and found it that it could be some audio driver bug. In some rog forum, some other chipset was having same problems.
Ive downloaded the latest drivers on Asus support website, installed it and the freezing episodes ocurred less but were still happening.
Ive saved all drivers and did a clean install of windows 10 1809 and the freezing is still happening.
I ran memtest for 2h and it found no errors.
I tried using afterburner OSD to see if in the freezing episodes, were there any load or temperature issue but they are fine.
Im not sure how to diagnose teh issue now cause previously some freezing were showing on windows event viewer now they arent.
Its sorta of a random bug. Sometimes it happens when there is only an twitch stream running using firefox.
Next step might be using an older w10 build, block updates and use the old driver.
If any of you have some tips for me, i'd aprecciate. Thanks in advance
Feb 22, 2019
Could be unstable PSU or memory issue. Have you tried to run memtest.
yeah i ran memtest for 2h and no errors were found. Its a new psu like the rest of the Pc so i think its unlikely to be it. Maybe if it was a bug happenning at high load times, it could be a possibility. Since it happens ramdonly, i dont think its a power issue. Also its oversized for future upgrade to ryzen so even less likely in my opinion.