Help with Nvidia Physx


Aug 13, 2009
Hey Guys -

I have a new M17x from alienware/dell... I have the 179.85 video drivers... I dont seem to have nvidia physx on my computer though??? Ive heard of other people having this physx thing even with video drivers like 166 versions (not sure if correct version - 166)... What do i have to do to get this on my system...

179.85 is the only official driver download at dell...I really dont like installing "unofficial" drivers from anyone, except for the actual place I got it?

Can someoen tell me the best steps to get this physx thing...whehter installing a newer version of drivers, or just installing physx....Ive heard one has to overlap the physx installations, for example, version 1.3 stays installed while updated/installing version 1.4 and up etc etc?

I need help...thanks guys