Help with OCing my q6600


Ok, so I know how to OC and all, read the guide too, but I haven't been able to get my q6600 (G0 stepping, the good one right?) past 3.1 stable. I believe the problem is not the chip but the mobo. It's a Biostar p965PT board, currently running 3.0ghz at FSB 333. It seems to top out around 350Mhz.

My previous chip on the board was a e4400 which ran at 300Mhz FSB, maxed out at 310Mhz.

So my question is: Is this mobo just not good at getting a high FSB?

I've tried the following:
RAM at lowest possible speeds, auto timings. 1 stick also.
MCH and FSB voltages @ max (1.55)
CPU voltage @ 1.5 (just to test)

Can't figure it out, any help would be nice. Even if you just want to hate on my old POS board :D


Mar 2, 2008
You might be able to test your FSB theory. You know you can do 3.1ghz with a 9 multiplier. So lower your multiplier and increase the FSB. It seems to me if the mobo still won't support a higher FSB (with the cpu below 3.1ghz)...then that's your bottleneck.


Tried that. Did 400x8 and x7 to no avail. All the settings (RAM, voltages,etc) were done correctly, I've read the guides and have solid knowledge of what to do. Other setups I have done got great results, and I was able to milk them for all they are worth.

It's weird, because I read articles about this board doing 450+ FSB on e6600 chips. Maybe I just got a poopy board, or maybe there is a mysterious BIOS revision that works better than the Rebels haven version (no official releases for a long time other than theirs.)

Thanks for input.