Help with old PC upgrade. Do mainboard and cooler support my choice.

May 30, 2018
Hello there,

I want to upgrade the PC of my litte cousin a bit. He always is a bit frustrated with his setup and I would like to do him a favour. Long story short I don't have to much money to spend right now so I planned to get him a better GPU and CPU. Since everything else would be to much for me to spend.

His rig is fairly old and I understand that most people would advice me to buy a new PC, but since its not for myself and he will get a new one at the start of next year and I would like to help him out a bit, because he only plays CS and I would like him to feel a little better with his FPS (haha). At least that is what he is complaining about all the time.

Currently he is using a GTX 550 TI and a i3-2100T.

My plan was to upgrade to a GTX-750-Ti and a i7-2600 3,4Ghz. I could get both for a total of 160$ which is also my total budget.
So my questions are would these two be a ok upgrade for the stuff he is using, is there anything better I could get for that budget, does the Cooler support these two upgrades (He is usinga B-500 v2 from Cooler Master and I am not sure how I can find out if it has enough power). Last question would be if both upgrades are usable with his mainboard. Its a Gigabyte H61M-S2V-B3.

I appreciate any suggestions and advices. Thank you very much in advance.
You are good.
GTX750ti is a modest jump in gaming power and will use less power than the current GTX550ti.
If you could go stronger such a card can be carried forward to a new build.

I3-2100T is a low power efficient cpu that is not particularly strong.
I7-7700 adds both threads and single thread performance.
Any cooler will do for a non overclocked processor, namely the i7-7700.

The motherboard does support a i7-7700 at bios level f8.
The i3-2100T was supported at F4 so you should update the bios if necessary before installing the 7700.
May 30, 2018
Thanks for the answers guys. Maybe one last question. I could only get the CPU and not the cooler for it. Do I have to upgrade from the old one(the one for the i3)?

To the other guy. Its a 500W cooler. What information do I have to look at? Max Power at +12V is 456W?

Other Specs are:

Input Voltage 200-240Vac
Efficiency 85 Typically.
Input Frequency Range 47Hz-63Hz

I could give info about AC Input and DC output but not sure what of it cause there is different ones for different voltages.

Just because I am curious would that actually significantly impact his eletric bill?
The coolers are compliant with all processor variants of the same socket as they are aligned with socket compatibility as a whole.
So if it fits the i3 Sandy, it will definitely fit the i7 Sandy.
So, basically, you take out the cooler and the i3, replace the i3 with the i7 and put back the same cooler in the same way. Job done.