Help with overclocked CPU


Oct 6, 2008
Hello, I have an intel quad Q6700 2.66 ghz overclocked to 3.8 ghz, with a single 9800 GTX. Here's the case I am using:

I replaced all the stock fans with 2 Vantec Stealth's blowing at 53 cfm's and I replaced the main fan on the back of the tower blowing inward with ( i forget the name and how many cfm's) but it has controllable fan speed which I always run at max speed. As you can imagine my computer runs extremely loud, and even with all the added fans it still crashes quite often. I usually need to have a seperate AC powered fan blowing on my tower with my window open to keep it running. This is a very inconvenient setup and annoys my family members, so I have been considering my options. Should I go with watercooling? Should I downclock the CPU? My best-case scenario is being able to keep my CPU clocked at 3.8 ghz and be able to remove the loud controllable fan; I'd like my computer to run silently so as not to bother others in my house. Any help is appreciated. Also, if you recommend watercooling could you provide links and a cost estimate? Maybe I'd just need to water cool the CPU and not the whole tower? Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance!