Help with overclocking intel p4 cpu!


Mar 25, 2004
Hello these are my cpu specs:
intel p 4
technology :0.13 u
core speed:2400mhz
multiplier: x18
fsb:133 mhz
bus speed :533mhz

can anyone briefly explain the difference between the fsb and bus speed !?

I tried to enter the bios and i am able to find and change everything except anything related to the multiplier, fsb ...!!
I have an intel 845 gbv mobo.
Any help would be appreciated !!


Former Staff
Actually the FSB is the bus speed. It's 133MHz. Intel calls it 533MHz. That's why you see two numbers. Intel and AMD advertise their bus speed in data rate, not clock speed. Intel uses Quad Data Rate technology for 4 transfers per cycle. Hence the 133MHz clock rate provides 533 mega transfers per second.

Overclocking might be a bit hard. I'd expect around 2700MHz from that CPU. But your motherboard doesn't support changing the bus speed manually.

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