Question Help with POLK AUDIO MagniFi Mini AX sound bar, and HDMI?


Jun 24, 2015

I wonder if anyone can help with this problem please,
I have just today received the POLK AUDIO MagniFi Mini AX.

And am super underwhelmed with it. After massive research into a mini sound bar.

The speakers are for movies, and gaming, (dialogue.) Not so much music.

But the issue I wanted to try to resolve, to see if it makes any difference before returning it.
Is I cannot get it to work using HDMI from my PC,(either of my PCs, the old one or the new one.
I have HDMI'ed it from both the Motherboard. The new one being an ASUS Z790-E Wi-Fi. into the ARC HDMI on the sound bar,

I have also even tried it form the HDMI on the graphics card, 4080. (not that I thought this would work, but tried everything.)
I have then gone through all the options on both sound bar, selecting HDMI, as well as the PC audio "sounds," and sound configuration.

Nothing, no sound at all.

The only way I can get it to work is using Bluetooth, but this, as far as I can tell negates some options.
The Sub, is barely noticeable when massive base is playing.
And there is a very slight delay between audio and lip-sync using Wi-Fi.

Can anyone tell me why the HDMI isn't working please?

One last note.

For TV, gaming etc, would something like this be better.
Not having RCA on the PC, it would have to be optical. (I think)



If these are not great, could anyone please suggest a good set of PC speakers, and Sub, please. Up to about £400.

Thank you for any help.


Jun 24, 2015
on PC, if you want to use HDMI speakers, you will need to use it as a monitor, otherwise no video = no audio
otherwise you can use aux connector or optical tosslink

Hey kerberos_20

So when you say "you will need to use as a monitor." Im guessing theres no way I can work it so the PC thinks its a monitor?

If I read you right, because its justa speaker, it wont work through HDMI, in any way?

Is this right.

And thank you for the help.


Jun 24, 2015
Hey dwd999

Thank you so much for the reply.
I understand I could use it through pptical.

To be honest, its nowhere near what I thought it would be, and the HDMI thing, was just the final straw, as they make no mention that it cant be conected this way.
As I already have the HDMI lead set up.

I honestly wouldnt have minded the very slight delay in Bluetooth mode, if the speaker had been better but for 365 quid, with the sub basically doing nothing, its a heck of a lot to pay for a 12 inch single speaker.

Ill retun it.
But now have to start afresh finding a decent PC speaker setup.
Even if they are BT, but better speakers.

Again, thank you very mch for the reply.
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