Question Help with portable SSD compatibility for a laptop ?


Mar 9, 2016
Hello all,

I would like to buy my first portable SSD but I'm struggling to understand the different USB compatibility options, cables, etc. so I don't know whether they'll work with several laptops I need to backup.

I'm considering either

Essentially I live in a tent on a remote rock of an island with high humidity, Sahara winds and a lot of dust which is why I focused on fairly rugged drives.

I have three old Thinkpad laptops I would need to be backing up and they all have the standard USB ports. I have no idea how to check whether these are compatible with the above?

The oldest Thinkpad I have is a x260, and I also have a X1 Carbon and a T440, all running Windows 10.

Can anyone help in determining whether these drives would be compatible with any or all three of the laptops?

Many thanks in advance!