[SOLVED] Help with portfowarding through two routers ?

Dec 4, 2021
Hello everyone, firstly sorry if you see any mistakes in my english its my second language.

I would like to ask you for a help with portfowarding on my 2 routers for videogames I want to play with friends. I did what internet told me to. Setting static ip adresses to both second router and pc I want to use, I trigered ports to ipv4 adress of the pc and second router and even opened them in windows firewall. Yet still nothing.

I am gonna be honest I have no idea what I am doing but I know the basics of how it should work. So basically if something tries to connect to my WAN with ending port that I portfowarded it should be fowarded into my second router and from there it should be fowarded to PC I portfowarded the port to. For some reason ports are still closed. My main router is Archer C60 and my secondary router is TL-WR841N. I was once able to portfoward when I used only TL-WR841N router. But now I just dont know how to do it.

In my TL-WR841N router I can see in UPnP page that some aplications use some ports. For example COD WARZONE is using port 3074 on IPV4 IP of pc and status is enabled. From what I understand router automatically opens this port for the application, but even if I check it in any portchecker it shows that its closed.

I will be glad for any tips or help. I try to solve this almost every 2 months but always fails. I even wanted to contact my internet provider but I dont really think they will be of any help. But if I wont be able to find help they will be my last hope.

Thanks for all the help.
First why do you need to port forward. Most people asking this question on this forum seem to be host a mine craft server.

You only have to port forward when your machine is the server. Most games use central servers so you do not need to port forward those. Mostly it is games console and smaller games where one person hosts the session.
Don't believe the stupid gamers that think port forwarding somehow increases the performance of shooter type games that use central servers.

In any case the best option to try first is to use the DMZ option in the router that actually has the internet connection and point it to the second router. Things like UPNP should now work on the second router.

The option that tends to be simpler in the long run is to make the second router into a AP. It all depends on why you actually have 2 routers to begin with. If it is purely for wifi issues using the second router as a AP will solve that and not cause the port forwarding mess.