[SOLVED] Help with ports on motherboards(GPU support bracket connected to 12V fan connector)


Aug 11, 2020
I installed a GPU support bracket with a blue LED on a prebuilt I bought recently. I was planning on building a PC myself originally, but a family member found a great deal. \

So the power cord leads into a 2 pin(in a 3 pin housing) connector and the box(and on amazon) says that it's meant to plug into a 12V fan connector. This 3 pin splits at the back into a 2 pin(in 3 pin housing), which fits onto the main 3 pin. I'm assuming this is to daisy chain GPU support brackets if you run SLI or crossfire. I tried plugging it onto the 4 pin Chassis fan 1 and 2 as well as the CPU cooler/AIO pump connector. On both the chassis fan connectors, the blue LED turned on fully for a tiny flicker and I just noticed that the LED is incredibly dim. When I power off, the LED is fully on as well. The CPU cooler/AIO pump connector didn't result in a flicker at boot or power off(but maybe dim while running? Didn't notice when testing).

Am I just not plugging it in well, do 5V fan connectors exist or something, a setting in BIOS or is it just the product sucking?

Any advice or testing needed is much apperciated!