Jan 23, 2013
Toasted A Dell E7440 Plugging an External CD-Rom (that was plugged into WRONG AC Adapter) into a USB Port on Dell Docking Station-Immediate Regret.

Hello everyone,

I'm hoping someone here can help enlighten me concerning the damage done to this machine. I have a USB CD-Rom that somehow had the power adapter to a Yamaha Digital Piano plugged into it. My setup was a Dell E7440 Ultrabook connected to an E-Port Plus dock (being powered by a heavy-duty power supply as is, required to power to all the additional ports on the docking station while also charging the laptop.)
Wanting to listen to a CD. I got out my old external CD/DVD drive (which takes the AC power supply as well as connecting to the device using two USB 2.0 cables).

The moment I plugged the USB cable into the laptop I knew "I dun goofed". The music playing off the PC stopped as I saw my 3 displays go black.. Being a bonehead my kneejerk reaction at the time was to quickly unplug the CD-Rom drive and all the peripherals, removed the laptop from the docking station, and plugged it into the wall using its original Dell standalone power adapter. When I first connected it I noticed the battery/charging indicator did NOT light like it normally does when AC is connected. I pressed the power button (I know I'm a dumb@ss) and held it for a second and that orange battery indicator light did give a brief, albeit faint, momentary flicker, before disappearing altogether.

The laptop has 2 mSATA SSD's in it right now and I'm unsure if they're toasted or not? I had also just put a new battery in it, any chance that still works? Same question extends to the 16GB of HyperX DDR3L RAM that I installed into the machine?

It's a shame because I spent a lot of time and energy finding this notebook and making it ideal for my usage case; I'd hunted for one with the i7 , finding the right docking station, spacer, ac adapter, and I swapped out the garbage 1377x768 display with an IPS 1080P TrueHD screen that looks amazing, as well as buying these dang mSATA drives which AFAIK aren't compatible with any of my current machines as well as the DDR3L memory that I recently purchased also_Of the parts that I mentioned, I am assuming the Screen and Memory are OK but the Motherboard & CPU were shorted out? Might someone like Louis Rossman be able to repair the board?

Thank you 🙏🏻