[SOLVED] Help with powering my Titan RTX card


Aug 22, 2007

I could use some help... I recently upgraded my Titan Xp to a Titan RTX. Turns out the newer card is powered by 2x 8-pin power instead of a 6-pin + 8-pin.

I don't have the original cables that came with my power supply (EVGA supernova 750 p2) but I figured any ones would do. I pulled a 8-pin => 2x8-pin from another computer which was powering a gtx 2070 (that card only needs 6p+8p, but the cable had the extra 2 loose on the side). The cable is labelled "CP-PSU" on one end, and "PCIe" on the other, if that means anything. In any case, when plugged in, the system doesn't power on at all.

Figuring the labels do mean something over my head, I bought what I thought was the correct cable (it at least mentioned evga and video... on amazon as "PCIE 8 Pin Male to Dual 8 Pin (6+2) Male PCI Express Power Adapter Cable for EVGA Modular Power Supply Cable for Graphics Video Card 8 pin Splitter 24+8 inches") but the system still doesn't power on at all when I connect it. It boots fine with I unplug it.

Clearly there is more going on than I'm familiar with. I was hoping someone could help me out... I'm not too sure even where to start. Do the specific cables matter? Does the specific "VGA" output on the PSU matter? Is the issue the PSU itself at 750w? Something else about the Titan I need to know?

Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


"but I figured any ones would do " That would be dangerously incorrect. Modular cables are not standard and using cables from a different model or brand on another can damage components. There's a chance you just fried that Titan.
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