Help with Q6660 and asus commando


Feb 24, 2008
Sorry for the newb question, i would appreciate any help/advice you guys can give me :)

I have a q6600,an Asus Commando mobo, and 2GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800MHz memory..
I only started overclocking about 2 months ago, and i found that when i left the 'vcore' to auto, i cant get past 3GHz (333x9). I use a freezer 7 pro for cooling, since it was the best cooling for price i could get. I dont know if it really matters, but i have the A+ twin engine case (the case with 2 x 22cm fans).

When i got my new RAM (i upgraded from 2GB 533MHz DDR2) i tried to go to 3.2GHz, and all i got was the black screen.
Temps @ 3GHz when in windows are around 43*C, when playing games e.g. C&C3/COD4 i get around 55*C (I do have an Asus EN8800GT 512MB)
So my question(s) to you is/are:

How would i be able to get past 3GHz?
Is it the mobo? Would a bios update do the trick?
Is it the voltage? In core temp it says my VID is 1.3125V (i have no idea what this means..:()
Or is it the cooling....and if it is, could you reccomend a decent cooling solution for me thats under £30?

Again im sorry for the many newb ques, but i am new at this, and i just want to be a good pc dude...
Plz dnt make me buy a mac lol

Thanking you in advance for your help


May 21, 2006

I am not familiar with your board, but here are a few things you can do.

i have mine set 1.4 V in bios to be stable at 3.2 G. I am pretty sure that 1.4 v is enough to reach to 3.2 g in your case. You might be able to reduce the voltage depending on your vdroop. First, start off with that.

Set pci express frequency to 100.
set memory multiplier to 2. You need around 712 mghz to reach 1:1 ratio. If you have 800mghz ram, you are underclocking your ram. but that is fine.
Set memory timing manually in bios if you can. Make sure you are giving the minimum voltage requirement of your ram. If your sticks require 2.1 v , give 2.1.
diable features like c1e, eist, virtualizaion. ( your board may call different names.)

Then run the prime test. Watch the temperature closely. You should not go over 71C. This is the highest temp you can go with G0 stepping. If it is stable for 1 hour, you can either reduce vcore or increase FSB ( if you want higer clock rate).

Never go over 71C or 1.5 V.

Let me know .