Question Help with removing stuck backplate?

May 29, 2020
Hello all!

I recently had a AIO coolr failure and I just purchased a new one to install. I go to replace the backplate and bam! There is some janky metal backplate. I go to pull it off and almost break my nails trying. The screwholders in the front of the (or whatever they are called) look like they are move when pushed in, but the main frame is stuck. Seems to be some really strong adhesive on it.

After several attempts of pulling it off, I tried to just use it to install the AIO instead if the plastic one that came with it. Unfortunately, it seems that the standoffs are too long, and dont seem to work with the current backplate (when fully screwed in there is no contact with the heatsink, about 1/2 inch clearance). So now I have to get this thing off. I found some tutorials online about using a hairdryer to heat it, and then some say never to do that because of the static. Others say to pry with some tools, other to never pry. I am not too sure if I am just being a dope and there is some easy way to get it off, so any help would be really appreciated. I have added some pictures to add some context

Pictures for context:

Any help would really help! 😊



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