Question help with screen tearing

Jun 9, 2019
hey everyone i need some help on screen tearing im having really bad horizontal screen tearing on games and sometimes also in youtube videos with a 144hz display
it happens mostly on green and brown colors in game or in videos
in games i can play with stable 144 fps
the weird part is when i cap it to 144 fps i get really bad tears if i cap it at 142 i still get it but not so much and if i cap it at 160 frames it almost goes away i dont understand what the problem is and this is very anoying
im not using any sort of sync i know that causes tears but ive never had this issue before and most of the streamers play without any sync and doesnt happen to them
if anyone could help me i would be very apreciated
my specs are i7 8700k processor , gtx 1080 gpu , 16 gb ram , and im using the msi optix mag27cq display wich is freesync and it still hapens with freesync or fast sync on



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