Help with SSD/HDD program installs


Jan 17, 2012
Okay, I have read a lot about running SSD/HDD so that programs correctly install on my HDD and not the SSD. I just have my OS on the SSD. I have changed registry settings and haven't had a problem until now.

I have Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0 and bought an upgrade to CS5.5. For whatever reason I'm getting a configuration error code (131:4) when I try to launch Premiere Pro 5.5.

I'm noticed also that even when I select my HDD for the install that the program is saving 2.2GB to my SSD and just 1.6GB to my HDD. I have no way of changing it so I'm wondering if that's why I'm having problems running the program.

Does anyone have any clue how I might fix this problem? I'm running Windows 7. My initial version of Premiere Pro works fine. I also noticed that the first time I upgraded it asked me for the original version's serial number but hasn't ask me for it since after uninstalling/re-installing again.

I'm absolutely clueless. I will say that I didn't have my HDD hooked up when I initially installed Windows on the SSD. Not sure if that would make a difference or not. I got my HDD a few days later after my OS was already installed. That's when I made my registry changes as per some posts I've read on here.

I know I'm rambling but I need help. I have work to do!! LOL Thanks!


Dec 10, 2008
Did you ever get this sorted ? I am having a similar problem. OS on ssd and premiere on another drive. (default program files folder changed in registry)
I know adobe products don't like being installed anywhere other than C drive but i have managed with Dreamweaver and Photoshop