Help with sweating problem


Jan 23, 2015
Hello guys, as the title may suggest, I have a problem with sweating. it takes a minute of using, or sometimes at the very moment when i touch my gaming mouse or keyboard. for my palms to start to sweat excessively.It all started around October, when I moved my PC back to my old house, the reason being my family coming from diaspora,and I do it once a year, for the last 7-8 years (it may be linked to it, or perhaps not).
After the last move, I started to sweat to a degree where I am required to have a towel over my mouse to keep it from being soaking wet from my sweat. Keyboard is the same, but i cannot keep a towel above it, so its a disgusting feeling all over. It made me unwilling to be gaming, or to use my pc at all that much. Same thing happens with my Cellphone, if I press it a little bit with the finger, it will receive that rainbow effect from liquid.
Does anyone have problem with this sort a thing?

I'm 21, 6'2 (187cm) , 91 kilo, also the temperature in my room is almost always 16-20c