Help With System


Nov 29, 2012
I recently finished building my first gaming rig and everything is going smoothly, i got Windows 7 installed without a hitch. But, I cannot find the drivers for my parts and my front USB ports won't work.

GPU-XFX Radeon HD 7870


Case-Rosewill Challenger


Dec 18, 2012
Are you talking about the USB ports on your case? If so, probably those ports are faulty, which does seem to happen from time-to-time. When you installed the operating system it installed the USB drivers for you. If you wish, just download the USB drivers from the motherboard manufacturer's website and see if that works, but i'd bet $2 that it's the wiring in the case.

Also, double-check you installed the USB case wiring to the correct port on the motherboard.


unless they are usb 3 ports you shouldn't have to install anything in the way of drivers. If they are then insert the mobo disc and install all drivers from that. Which usb header did you plug them into on your motherboard?

As for making the video card the default display? Once you plug it in to the first pci-e X16 slot it automatically becomes part of the video hybrid graphics or LucidLogix Virtu Universal MVP as they like to call it. Your ondie chip will run when the graphics are simple and not to demanding as part of a power saving scheme and when you really start to use your graphics like during heavy gaming or virtual mapping then the graphics card will kick in. You should never see a decrease in graphics performance, this design is for power saving only when real use of the graphics card is not needed. Just make sure you have the card plugged into the #1 pci-e slot and the monitor cable is plugged into it, and, check your bios to see if it gives you a choice for first video device.

You should be able to get all the drivers HERE - Just select your operating system and go