Question Help with the choice between 2 motherboards

Oct 10, 2019
Hi people, I'm deciding between 2 motherboards and I do not know which to take, to see if you can give me a hand, the fact is that I have been offered the 2 more or less at the same price and I'm doubtful, at first I will buy a fairly basic processor but I would like to have a board to update the processor in the future and put something good, on the one hand I have the MSI B450 gaming pro carbon ac, which is more or less a mid-range motherboard but that is very well and is compatible with ryzen 3000 (although as I said I'll start with a basic ryzen series 2) and on the other hand I have an older motherboard but was once flagship that is the Gigabyte ax370 gaming 5, which has a lot of premium components and seems to be a very good board and also compatible with ryzen 3000, but is older and carries the x370 chipset. As I say I get the 2 practically for the same price, looking to the future in which I will buy a series 3 or dreaming a little and if I was lucky that any of these boards was compatible a ryzen series 4, what do you think is the best choice?