Question Help with troubleshooting "No Video Signal" ?

Jul 16, 2022
Need some help. I have tried a ton of different things and can't seem to get any video signal.
Troubleshooting steps ive already tried:
  • Re-seating CPU
  • Re-seating Cooler
  • Re-seating RAM
  • Tried different RAM
  • Tested GPU in a different PC and it worked
  • Reset CMOS by taking out battery for 5 mins
Original motherboard for this build had the same issues but the person who previously tried to build this system bent the pins in the socket, so I presumed that was the issue but it seems it was not.

I dont believe it could be a BIOS issue seeing as when i went on ASUS website they said that the motherboard BIOS that was required for my CPU was one of the first BIOS released for that motherboard. The only thing is if its not a BIOS problem the only other possible solutions I can think of is that it needs a new CPU, or PSU ?

UPDATE: Tried a new PSU no change

Part List: