Question Help with undervolting an RX 580 with MSI Afterburner ?


Jan 27, 2018
So apparently i have a <removed> bad psu pairing with my gpu. (Gigabyte P550B) that causes bad coil whine and it's pretty annoying when playing Apex Legends even though it's capped at 60 fps.
I want to undervolt my gpu in hopes of reducing the coil whine. Been following youtube tutorial videos but the curve editor is not the same as the video. Help.

Coil whine has always been impossible for me to predict. Sure, I know that PSUs can play a role in it but I've had cards that have given me coil whine regardless of what PSU I had at the time. Since 2009, I've purchased two 80+Gold PSUs that are both rated for 1kW. One is an OCZ OCZ1000M and the other is an EVGA 1000 G2 Supernova because I only use high-end power supplies. One of my R9 Furies used to have audible coil whine and it happened with both of my PSUs. However, it went away on its own eventually and just for fun, I tried swapping PSUs and it still wouldn't whine anymore.

Undervolting is never a bad thing but you don't need MSi Afterburner to do it because Adrenalin already has this feature:
Now, in my experience, undervolting has had no effect on coil whine (that's only my experience, YMMV). This is because every time that I've heard coil whine, it was caused by skyrocketing frame rates during blank screens or cinematics. Adrenalin has a really cool feature called Radeon Chill that can be used to limit your frame rates to your monitor's refresh rate. This will not hurt your performance at all (because you can only get as many FPS as your monitor can display anyway) but it will prevent your frame rate from skyrocketing at certain times which wastes electricity and can cause audible coil whine:
I would recommend using Radeon Chill for all of your games because what's the point of having your card rendering a higher frame rate than your monitor can display? It won't improve anything and can cause some annoying screen-tearing.
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