Question Help with USB 3.0 suddenly stop working?


Aug 9, 2014
When playing Dead Rising 3 yesterday my computer restarted for no reason. I went back to the area in game that caused it but all I got was a hitch. Continued playing until my friend was done. Turned it off and immediately my ps4 controller goes off, thinking is was my Bluetooth dongle being crappy I repaired the driver and restarted computer. When my computer came on it said I no longer had Bluetooth so went to try and repair and it said there was no Bluetooth dongle connected. I kept unplugging and plugging in to different USB 3.0 slots and it wasn't working, read that having Bluetooth dongle in USB 3.0 slot was bad for it so move it to a normal USB slot and it worked. So I thought I had it fixed until today when I went to Steam and my games weren't listed that I had them installed, checked "My PC" and my external wasn't there. Looked at it and the light is still on so tried all the USB 3.0 slots non worked, not even a windows jingle that I pugged something in but the light came on every time I plugged it into a slot. I thought my external was busted or something, remembering that my Bluetooth dongle wasn't working in the USB 3.0 I plugged it in to a normal USB slot and it worked showed up, made a jingle, and started flashing red. (Which means it is reading) Went to device manager and the USB 3.0 weren't listed so searched and found out I have to enable show hidden devices for them to show. They were grayed out so I uninstalled them and restarted computer, when done the USB 3.0 still are not under it and now when I enable show hidden devices it isn't there anymore. How do I get them working again?