Help with using ps2 controller on pc


Apr 24, 2012
I have done all the settings in PCSX but I have no idea do do controller settings to play 'Ra.One The Game' in my PC
plug in your pad and make sure its calibrated in windows controler setup (found in control panel devices and printers) i think)) then open psx controler options and select the controler your using. it may ask you to define the bottons and sticks. just click on each with the mouse and press the respective buttons or stick on the pad. 1s done you should have full control...


Feb 5, 2010
are you using pcsx or pcsx2?

if your using pcsx2

click on "Config" then "Controllers"

then "plugin settings"

look at the top and click on "pad1"

then all you do is click on say "Square"

then press the butten "square" on your controller and if you connected your controller up properly

an entry should have been made on the left

do this for all the buttens then click on ok

then play your game.

remember you need to get the files from your own ps2 and use your own disks or it is piracy and illegal

in some countries just extracting the files you need from your ps2 and using them in pcsx2 is ilegal

check your countries laws first


From what I remeber with PCSX you have to map each of the controllers buttons to the corrisponding buttons on the controller emulator tab, but even with the PS2 to PC-USB converter you probably wouldn't get full controller emulation because the D-Pad and control buttons (X,O,□,Δ) are pressure sensitive and I'm assuming the control buttons will only be supported as simple digital buttons.
i have a logitech dual action which is absolutely identical to the ps2 handset. right town to the pressure sensitive buttons. the only difference is its usb2 only. at around £14.99(how much mine cost) its 1 of the best controlers i have bought for the money... mine is 5 years old and still fully working and im not exactly gentle with it...
so the build quality is up to logitechs higher standard.