HELP with virus!

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Jan 23, 2009
Last year when I had this craziness over downloading music, I accidentally downloaded a cookie and a virus that pops-up that sends me to an internet page that says something like brongotok. Who knows how many more are sleeping in my computer waiting for any internet connection to come to my pc. So , I don't have internet at home. That means I downloaded from another pc and took it home afterward. Is there any way of getting rid of those things , especially those very annoying cookies?
Running your AV in Safe Mode is always the best way.
It's also a good idea to use a 2nd AV program.


Feb 28, 2009
Many viruses cannot be removed if they are running in RAM. Also, some use System Restore to bring themselves back if they are found out. Here's what to do:

1. Update the virus definitions for your A-V program. Re-boot in safe mode. Run the A-V program in Safe Mode, being sure to scan all files. Choose 'quarantine' as the first act and 'rename' or 'disinfect' as the second try. If both fail, then delete.
2. If this fails to get you clean, re-boot to normal Windows, go to and do their "House Call." It will detect and clean anything on your system. Be patient, as it will take a long time to scan and clean.
3. As an alternate, get an A-V boot disk, boot from it and scan. With nothing at all running from your hard drive, the chances of killing whatever you're infected with is much greater.

If all this fails, re-post with the name of the beastie you have on your system and get some specific advice or tools to clean it up.

Good Luck.


Mar 3, 2009
Also you could try running your Anti virus as administrator that sometimes removes virusus that keep coming back even after you take action, which is simple to do.

1 Go to computer,
2 double click your local disk drive, example > Drive C.
3 Open Program files.
4 find your Anti virus then double click it.
5 then you will have a list of folders, find the exe or primary one and open it up, like for instance if it was AVG then the folder will be something like AVGFRW,
6 Right click on it once and open up Properties
7 then click Compatibilitys.
8 then at the bottom you will see Privilage level, tick this box in the run as administrator, then click Apply.
9 Restart your PC, after this windows may try to block your Anti Virus from starting up, just press allow.
10 then run full Scan, and remove infections.

This normally removes Trojans & malware that would normally keep coming back.
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