Help with Windows 10 Preview clean install!

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Sep 26, 2014
Sorry that this is in the Windows 8 forum.

Microsoft warns to not install Win10 on your main PC because it's unstable, crashes and can cause data loss. Does this mean it should be installed on a spare computer only? I have a spare SSD that I want to install it on but it's it my main PC and don't want to blow my computer up which is what Microsoft sounds like they're saying will happen.

I basically just want to know if it's safe to install on a perfectly good PC without it messing up my entire system, whatever that means. I've heard over and over that it should be installed on an entirely separate, spare computer. Why?


It's fine to install on any drive other than your main drive. For this purpose I would unplug my boot drive and connect the spare drive to the same SATA cable the boot drive was using so that nothing "accidentally" happens to your current installation. Make sure to go into the BIOS afterwards and make sure the drive is recognized or just reset to optimal default settings, and then proceed to do your install. All of this will of course require that you either burn the Windows 10 files to disk or copy them to a bootable USB drive first to install from.

Your computer will never blow up, unless you have a cheap PSU that shorts out and explodes. But that's a separate issue and isn't related to the installation of Windows 10 so don't fret.
Not open for further replies.