Question Help with wiring up RGB fans and AIO in new build with Lancool 2 case


May 4, 2008
I pulled the trigger on all the parts for my new build and they arrived this weekend. Specs lower in the post. I am a complete and total noob on wiring leds and rgbs and would love some assistance.

Essentially I'm wondering how I am supposed to wire up all the fans, RGB fans, RGB AIO, and case RGB properly. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I'm asking for assistance rather than wiring it wrong. Please have mercy on a wiring noob and help me get this right :)

Case: Lian Li Lancool 2 case white
PSU: Corsair RM 850x White
Motherboard: MSI x570 Unify
Storage: Mushkin Pilot M.2 NVMe SSD 2TB
CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x
CPU cooler: DeepCool Captain 240RGB v2 AIO
RAM GSkill Trident Z Neo 32gb 3200
GPU: 2x MSI GTX 1070 Quicksilver in SLI (harvested from last PC)

The MSI x570 unify board has:
1 4pin CPU fan header
1 4pin PUMP header
5 4pin sysfan headers
2 JRGB 4 pin headers
2 adressable RGB 3 pin headers (jrainbow)

I have a Lian Li lancool 2 case which has a 3 pin female connector I assume is for it's adressable RGB, and has what appears to be its own 3 pin adressable RGB header cable, perhaps to link an RGB item to it to be controlled by the cases physical RGB buttons?

The case came with 3 nonRGB 3pin case fans. I will be keeping one at the front of the case as intake, and might put the other two on the PSU shroud as intake also. I assume all three of these just plug straight into the "sysfan" headers.

I have a deepcool captain 240RGBv2 AIO which was mounted in the front with the fans pulling through the radiator as intake. The pump has a 3 pin power connector (to put on the 4pin pump header?) And a 4pin RGB cable. The box says the AIO is a 4 pin 12v RGB cable. The 4pin RGB cable also has what appears to be a built in splitter with 4 male pins.

The two RGB fans that came with the AIO each have 2 cables; one 4pin that is identical to the RGB cable on the AIO including the splitter/chainer, and the other is a 4 pin power cable.

I bought 3 additional deepcool RGB fans that are addressable 5v RGB to use as 1 rear and two top exhaust.

My goal was no not have to use a controller, despite all these fans. But I have no idea what connects to what to make everything sync up colorwise. Do both the addressable 3pin headers and the 4pin JRGB headers all still get controlled by the motherboard software?

There is a diagram on the AIO instructions that show how the 3 fans and the block all link together using their built in splitters/chainwires. Ultimately the AIO plugs into the pump header, a splitter plugs into CPUFAN header which doles out to AIO fan1 and fan2. the the AIO RGB plugs into Fan 1, which plugs into fan2, which plugs into the 4 pin JRGB motherboard header.

My question is do I use that predetermined loop? Also, what do I do with the 3 additional 3pin ARGB fans I have, and also what do I do with the case 3pin ARGB? Do I just buy 2 3pin ARGB splitters plug each splitter into the 2 jrainbow motherboard headers... 1 for 2 fans and 1 for 3rd fan and the case RGB?

If I'm using CPUFAN header for the AIO fans, I have all 5 sysfan headers available. Are those what I would use for the 3 ARGB exhaust fan's power? That would leave me 2 available for the 3pin non-rgb case fans. So I can use 2 or get a splitter?

I know this is a monster question. Thanks in advance if anyone reads and replies.

I did just buy this because it's cheap, arrives tomorrow, and has a remote in case I can't get mystic light to work...

I'd still like to know how to connect everything without this hub... And of course I don't even know how to do it with the hub, since some fans are 3 pin ARGB and some are 4pin RGB.

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May 4, 2008
I updated the original post heavily since I actually changed multiple components since making that post. It's almost a completely new post, albeit just as long.

Thanks for any help on my much more specific questions this time around.


May 18, 2013
On paper, it looks like everything will work without a hub. The most important thing is make sure you're using the right voltage LED. JRGB is 12V while the 3 pin rainbow ARGB are 5V. Splitters are fine as long as you're below the rated amperage on the header.

The best advice I can give you is refer to your manual. MSI is great about their documentation.
The pages that are most helpful to you are 45 and 46. Ignore the corsair RGB header, only a few fans use it.

The instructions for the AIO cooler are accurate and typically the best practice. They'll chain the RGB nicely. You are correct, the block power plugs into the pump header while the radiator fans plug into the cpu fan header. You might need to change the settings on bios for the different fan types. 3 pin power is DC mode, 4 pin power is PWM mode. That's on page 75 for reference and a visual.

Try to manage your cables as best as you can. If cables are in the way they can block airflow and get caught in fans. If your PSU didn't come with velcro straps invest in some black zip ties.

Did I miss anything? That was quite a lot in one post.



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