Help with WOW performance on laptop


Dec 13, 2008
I have a sony c290 laptop (Core2 T7200 2GB, 2GB ram, Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset graphics, windows vista). I have been having alot of trouble with World of Warcraft. It did start before the expansion, but now with the expansion its terrible. I'm laggy in almost all places (not just the highly populated areas) and only getting between 8-20 fps. I can get 24 if i'm lucky- but it never lasts long. Also I will freeze up alot. I have tried reducing the ratio to 800x600 and putting the quality in game setting to the lowest- does not improve the situation. The freezing up is a problem- it gets stuck and will not 'unstick' and I have to hold down the power button to restart. It seems like something is wrong... not sure if its my graphics or something else?

I have uninstalled the graphics driver and reinstalled with the newest version from intel's website a few times.

Any insight would be appreciated!