Question Help with XFX 5500xt 8gb unstable frequency and gpu usage

Nov 10, 2020
Very long post ahead, I am sorry for that, Im just confused about it all, and I would appreciate all the help I can get, Ive searched the internet for 2 days, every guide, every advice is mostly for AMD 5700XT and i tried a few of them but none helped.

I bought a new 5500xt 8gb 2 days ago, and Im really confused the way my graphics card is acting. Before I continue writing, my pc specs are
Motherboard: A320MD pro
Ram: 1x8gb 2113mhz DDR4 (Samsung)
CPU Ryzen 5 1400 (not overclocked)
PSU LC Power LC600H-12 600W
Graphics card XFX 5500xt 8GB Thicc II pro
HDD Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB

For the past 2 days I've been testing my new GPU in various games and i found it quite unstable and it concerns me, i will write the performance of multiple games. I know my other specs are underwhelming and im not asking my pc to perform at all games on ultra 1080p 100+ fps, but my graphics card usually decides to underperform and heavily downclock and i drop frames constantly.

I start playing a game and my gpu speed just goes from 300mhz to 1300 to 500mhz to 1800mhz to 1500mhz, every second its going up and down. When its running at full speed or near full speed, its not even heating up so much and my game runs perfectly, and then it decides to downclock and i lose frames.
This is my first time owning an AMD GPU and im not good at the Adrenalin Software, i tried allowing it to use 20% more power as i read somewhere that could help and it didnt, i also tried forcing it to not drop below certain frequencies, and it mostly didnt drop below that frequency but then the GPU usage decides to go crazy and jump from 40% to 10%, and all over the place. I Also disable ULPS in Registry Editor, as i read that can help, and it didnt as far as I can see.

For example in Grid Autosport, in the main menu my gpu usage is always 100%, at 1840-1845MHZ, and as soon as I enter the race or run the benchmark my frequency goes to around 500-600mhz, its okay it can run the game at 70 fps that way but then sometimes it drops to 55-58, bellow 60 fps, when i know it can run it perfectly if only it would ramp up the frequency. I tested also all settings on low-medium and my gpu works to only have fps around 60-90 fps.

Titanfall 2 is much better but again, frequencies can drop for just a second. My GPU usage is usually around 98+% frequency around 1800-1845mhz, but again it sometimes drops just for a second to 1600mhz or 1100mhz and climbs back up to 1800mhz. My CPU usage is around 50-60%. At Very High/Ultra

Euro Truck Simulator 2 , My GPU usage is around 90%, CPU at 40%, Frequencies again are changing but not as much as in Grid, they go from 1800 to 1300 and back up and down 1550, 1300,1506, sometimes for a second they drop to around 400-600. I get 100+fps on ultra when my GPU runs at high(er) frequencies but then it decides to go to 1400mhz and i barely pass 60fps.

Team Fortress 2, GPU usage around 50% percent dropping and increasing constantly, but frequency is only 300mhz and around that number, and stutters, my previous GPU GTX 1050Ti was more stable in this game even.

Destiny 2 works perfectly when the frequencies are high but then they drop and i lose frames, it can run it perfectly but decides to lower the frequency.

There are games like Resident Evil 7 that work perfectly on ultra im getting tons of FPS, but i dont know if its normal that in every game my frequencies change EVERY second, sometimes by the 1000mhz. I dont know if im being dumb or what, but i dont understand why it doesnt run games as it should getting almost 100+ in Grid should be easy. I know different games are optimized differently but is there any way to make my gpu stable, i feel like it should just go crazy on usage and frequencies every minute, the graphs are awful when i look at them.

This GPU doesnt use fans when it isnt under heavy load, even under heavy games the temp really doesnt go very high, and its always quiet. I really dont care about my GPU being loud, i just would like to know if i should be worried and give it back to the shop for testing to see if it is faulty, or is there something I can do to fix it downclocking.
Ive watching YouTube videos where they tested 5500xt in different games, and frequencies are always stable at around 1830-1845mhz, sadly ive never experienced that.