Question Help with xmp profile 1 causing bsod.

Jun 4, 2021
I need help getting my xmp settings right for my pc. First off here are my pc specs Motherboard: Asus Maxiums xii hero wifi
RAM: Gskill trident z neo rgb
GPU:EVGA Geforce RTX 3080 ti

now i am trying to get my ram to run at the advertised speed of 3600mhz but when i turn on xmp profile one in asus bios i get bsod ( its not often some times it will happen every couple hours/days, and sometimes it will happen like 3 times in 3 min) so if anyone has settings for the frequency and timing that would be much appreciated.

Also my pc runs fine when i turn off xmp its just turning on xmp gives me a 20-30 fps increase in some games so i would like to keep it on
there is no universal setting for rams, you could try reducing frequency on XMP to 3400 or 3200MHz, that should be still faster than base 2133/2400MHz u get without XMP, otherwise manual tinkering with ram timings and memtesting,

just a side note...its better to disconnect your drive if you have unstable ram, or youll get just data loss