Sep 5, 2011
Guys, I bought a wired xbox 360 controller for my PC.... according to the instructions I installed the drivers first .... but whenever I connect the controller to the PC only lights 1 and 4 of the controller LIGHT ON for a second...and the controller is not even detected.....PLEASE HELP ME TO SOLVE MY PROBLEM> :pfff:

My system spec ;
asus z68-v pro
i5 2500k
4 g ram
550 ti graphics card
didnt need to install a driver for my xbox controller on asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3

just plugged it in and the driver automatically installed

make sure you are using a rear usb port not a front or top of case one

and use a usb 2.0 port in case your usb 3.0 drivers not installed
Odds are, you have the version of the 360 controller that has the USB recharge kit. That version will NOT connect via USB [the USB is only for charging the controller].

Only the original wired controller will work with a USB connection, the rest have to connect wirelessly using a usb wireless receiver.

In any case, there is a separate program you need to install for the controller to work with a PC.

no you dont... it works as soon as it loads the driver. which win 7 does automatically as soon as it detects the controller. you then configure it and calibrate it the same way you would with any other pad in windows.
of you manually download the driver it will often not work as the OP has found out.