Help, Xbox 360 internet connection!


Feb 24, 2010

I was wondering whether or not it is possible to connect my xbox 360 to the internet via my computer?

My computer connects via a wireless adapter (as my room has no phone jacks) and I was wondering if I could use a Ethernet cable to connect to my computer, also I have an extra switch/router and ethernet cable (would that make a difference?)



Apr 26, 2010
Yes, it is possible.

You need a cross over cable which you use to hookup the PC and Xbox. Next you will have to assign static IP addresses to the NIC on the PC and to the Xbox (the XBox will have a default gateway of the PC's IP) **make sure these are a different subnet than your wireless network**

On the PC you will open up the LAN properties and choose to setup ICS (internet connection sharing)

Once that is done both should work on the internet. If you need to open ports you will have to point them to the PC's other IP address)

Although this is possible it may not be the easiest to setup or the quickest. 2 options, you could acquire an old linksys router (WRT54G) and use hacked firmware (DD-WRT) and use it as a wireless access point. or you can buy a wireless device for the xbox (WBR-600 or the USB wireless device for Xbox)


Apr 22, 2012
Yes! It is possible and stupid easy!

First my hotel internet has a log on page. Every day a screen pops up and I have to put in my room number and agree to the terms of service.

1) Go out and buy a wireless router.

2) Plug the room's ethernet cable into the router and plug my laptop into the router with another e-net cable.

3) Connect to the wired network in your network and sharing center.

4) Open your web browser and hopefully your hotels log on page comes up. Log on to it.

5) After you have logged on take the e-net cable out of your computer and plug it into the back of the xbox.

6) Before you test the connection make sure all the network connections are set to default.

7) Test the network connection. It should work.