[HELP] Xbox freezing at splash screen


Nov 17, 2012
Recently bought Halo 4, installed it onto my Xbox so I wouldn't have to deal with the noise or have any overheating issues unfortunately my Xbox froze during a playthrough of the campaign. Ever since it won't go past the splash screen, it either freezes at the splash screen or right before it so I can't get into the log in page therefore I can't clear the cache. I removed the wireless card, my memory card, and my harddrive and it still freezes. At the moment im waiting it out for a day or two to see if itl kick into the log in page and from there I'll clear the cache, im formatting my HDD on another xbox but im afraid I'll end up freezing that one aswell.... Anyone is anyone else having this, or had this and have any solutions?


Try disconnecting all power cables and video cables, hold down the power button for a few seconds and turn it on again and see if that works.

Try taking out the disc and running it.

And by the way installing the game to the hard drive doesn't prevent overheating or fan noise, it helps the system's overall noise go down by reading game data off the hard drive instead of the DVD, this means that the disc drive doesn't have to rev up the disc to high speed and make noise, it also makes loading screens faster.