Aug 4, 2011

getting a newdot1.dll error message when I start up windows 98.

Also, my outlook no longer remembers previously used addresses
Not to rip off someone else's instructions but I didn't care to write them again.

Not sure if these will help you
but have a look for your self

From: TonyKlein:
What I always advise, in the case of new net, is unchecking the New.Net startup item in Msconfig > Startup, then click OK, and reboot.

Next, go to Control Panel/Software add-remove, find NewDotNet, and click 'remove'.

You can also run this dedicated uninstaller: <>.
Once copied to the machine, just double click it.

That usually is the end of NewNet without risking the loss of your internet connectivity.

In the end, you may still have a, by itself harmless, New.Net ActiveX object left in Downloaded Program Files:

Go to IE > Tools > Internet Options > General Tab

Under the General tab, click on the Settings button.
Within the Settings window, click on the View Objects button.
Within the Downloaded Program Files window, locate and delete Tldctl2c Class.

Good luck