Feb 29, 2012
Hello, Hawkeye22 OK if initializing will wipe the disk then how dose one see the SATA HDD with out wiping out ones data in either mycomputer or in the computer management window. Any Ideas
Not Hawkeye22.
Would be helpful to Know what happend. At some point the drive must have been visible for data to be written to the drive.
You might try downloading the utility program from the HDD's manufs website and run a diagnostic on the Drive.

Generally speaking when a drive that was visable, is not visable it is because the boot sector has been clobered. You would need to restore the bootsector WITHOUT distroying the File Allocation table (FAT). Possible, but not commonly done.

From alt-rtt
You may try to use R-Undelete before re-formatting the disk. Its on-line help will show how to get your files back: Recover Lost Files from Deleted/Corrupted Logical Disks/Partitions.
R-Undelete is a pay program but it allows you to estimate whether you can recover your files before buying it.
End quote.

There are some other 3rd party utilities such as testdisk that you might try