Dec 31, 2007
I know that many of you are busy and may be doing this at work,etc but I have a serious problem. I get a stop error when I install SP1 on my machine. Here is a KB article from microsoft. It explains the problem but I dont know how to fix it. I am using a western digital harddrive and I am sure it is a jumper setting problem but WD refuses to answer their phone or email me back. I am also slaving a drive on that same chain, also a WD. WD seems to be a poor choice but I am a poor college student, what can I say :frown: . Thank you everyone for you help!
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I'd do the atapi.sys workaround that Microsoft describes in the KB article. Western Digital drives don't have a cylinder limit jumper as far as I can see (I've got one laying on my desk at the moment), so this sounds like an oddity to me.

You don't happen to have a third-party UDMA controller of some sort, do you? That's the other time I see problems like this.

Dave Farquhar
Author, <i>Optimizing Windows for Games, Graphics and Multimedia</i> (O'Reilly)
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