Question Helping for buying ssd

Oct 19, 2022
Hi guys idk too much about ssd and i just figured out of my researchs its better to buy an ssd with dram so what ssd brand you suggest to me is a blue WD is good?
WD Blue is OK. There are several different models.

WD Black is OK. There are several different models.

Samsung 970 EVO Plus is OK

Crucial MX500 is OK.

and some others.

In real life usage, you won't notice a lot of difference between them.

Having DRAM can help in some situations, but its certainly not a night and day difference in most use cases. One of mine has DRAM; the other doesn't.
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Can't go wrong with Samsung SSDs... been using them for years. 960 Pro... 970 Evo Plus... 990 Pro.

Never had a problem and they are fast drives that belong in m.2 slots.
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